Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How time flies!

Wow! I am actually teaching my first class tomorrow! I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I am putting some finishing touches on my choreography and really hoping everything goes perfectly! Of course my mind has been in a whole other place the last few days. This past weekend was my RPM training. I had a blast, despite being extremely tired and a bit sore:) I am really starting to appreciate how much effort goes into teaching group fitness!

I just realized how giddy I am this morning and can only credit it to the wonderful changes that are happening with the coming of real Fall weather! I took last week to completely turn our house into a Fall haven and bake my first pumpkin pie of the season:) Oh yeah, and at the store yesterday, Chris talked me into buying a seasonal coffee creamer. I was a little hesitant because it has more sugar than what I usually buy, but it was worth the splurge! Anyone looking to greet the season with a cup of cheer should try Coffee-Mate's Peppermint Mocha creamer-YUMMY!

That's all for now!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Wal-Mart Masterpiece

Have you ever wondered what perfection looks like? Really. Have you ever thought about perfection? I know as a Christian people we believe Jesus was perfect. I must say, I am enamored with this idea.

That said. I have to tell you about my experience at Wal-Mart.

So Kate and I are doing our weekly Wal-Mart trip. Everything is fine and we get up to the checkout. This is where the story takes flight.

First we give the lady cashier our cloth bags. If you know Kate she is really into them. I like them too, it is an easy way to cut down our use of petroleum, which in turn should also lower our gas prices. Back to topic. She proceeds to ask us if we want the hanger for a shirt we were buying. I replied, "Nah, it would just end up in a landfill." (I sound like freak, but believe me I am not). Then she starts weighing the apples. About a half dozen of them...one by one. Kate and I looked at each other is disbelief, hardly containing our laughter. Then she finishes, and gives us our bags, including a single plastic bag that contained our eggs. Kate and I again look at each other is disbelief. Isn't the point of using cloth to save bags? Yes and she promptly wastes one bag on one item. We stop and remove the eggs at another check stand and leave the bag. When we get home we start unpacking our bags. Produce on bottom, boxes on the top, bread on the side. Really?

I feel bad for her. Some people aren't blessed with a lot of common sense. Those with so little common sense make everyday tasks a little more comical for the rest of us.

In other news:

-Kate received a note on here car. Someone wants to buy it "As-is" Odd, because it is running fine. Still, I guess I'll call the guy and see what he is willing to give us for it.

-Citigroup bought Wachovia. The place that I work. I guess God needed to jump my job search.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Old Couple, Abby & CBS

So we are sitting on the couch discussing going to bed. We are sitting there watching Friends DVDs (Because we don't have TV). We didn't think much of it until we looked at the time...9:00 p.m. The kicker? I was thoroughly dissecting the California Proposition Ballot that we got in the mail...today.

We both laughed pretty hard. It's not as if this was a typical evening, but it was funny nonetheless.

I guess not having a TV takes a toll on the amount of evening time we devote to entertainment. There is only so much Friends we can take. Even Kate has gets tired of it at times. Admittedly, I get tired much quicker.

I found out some much needed things about the ballot propositions in California and that I was about 90 years-old at the same time.

On another note, Abby got a new toy from Grandma Joan. She loves this thing. So Kate and I start tossing it across the room to each other. Each time Abby follows it. Long story short, she is exhausted. We've learned she is much easier to tire when we tag team her, otherwise she wears us out.

On another note...er...last note, I was quasi offered to work for CBS at this Sunday's Chargers vs. Raiders game in Oakland. Maybe all you blog readers can help me out...There series of texts are as follows...

Person: "Would you be interested in working this Sunday for CBS, crew of Nantz and Simms, call time will be EARLY!"

Chris: "Absolutely. Early isn't and issue no traffic :)"

Chris: "Do you think I'll be able to make it back in town by 8 p.m." (I have a Softball game)

Person 1: "I'm not sure they're going to need you"

Chris: "Well let me know" (A little irritated, but not willing to burn his best bridge)

I don't think I made a jump assuming that she needed me for the crew. Wouldn't you qualify any communication like this with a, "If they need someone..."

I may or may not be going at this point. The thing is, Lance Barrows is a coordinating producer for CBS and a good buddy with Phil Simms. Barrows is a ACU Alumni, so I was hoping to attempt to make a connection there. That would be the right kind of connection to have.

Hopefully it will still happen. If not, I get to watch the Raiders game from the comfort of my own couch, which is still pretty good, but not as productive or monetarily rewarding.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senior aerobics anyone?

Well, the long awaited start to my new job at TRU Fitness is finally within reach! At our staff meeting two weeks ago, the group fitness director, Kate, asked me if I was interested in creating and owning a new low-impact aerobics class. I obviously jumped at the opportunity to pick up another class. Well, last Friday, she asked if I could come in and teach HER what I had in mind for the class on Monday morning! I was so nervous all weekend about putting together my own choreography and fitting it with the perfect music. I swear all I did the entire weekend was cardio dance around the house with dance music as loud as it could go! I had the most unrestful sleep Sunday night because I was scared I would over sleep! At 4:15am I finally decided to jut get up and practice a few more times. Did I mention I was meeting her at 6:30? Well, my mom, being the amazing encourager that she is, came over at 5am to be my guinea pig for the routine! (Thanks, Mom!) Needless to say, all of my hard work and anxiety paid off because Kate loved what I put together!! I officially start teaching this class in two weeks, on October 1 and my RPM class will be on Saturdays at 8am!! I am so excited to finally start teaching these classes I can hardly stand it! I will definitely keep you updated on how they go in the upcoming weeks!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Featured in Luxurious Weddings!

The woman who designed our invitations sent me a link today letting us know that our wedding invitations were featured in Luxurious Wedding, an online magazine! We are so excited for her! Chris and I were simple amazed at how she was able to capture the simplicity and flair we were searching for with our invites. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for fabulous invitations, anouncements and any other stationary needs. Her name is Stephanie and her website is http://www.stephaniejdesigns.com/. Take a look at her stuff, she is brilliant!

Here's the link to the article: http://luxuriousweddingstylereport.blogspot.com/

In other wedding news, our pictures came yesterday and we are stunned at how wonderful they are! Our photographer is amazing and so talented! I would also sing his praises to anyone looking for fabulous memories from the happiest day of their lives. I know we will cherish them forever!

His website: http://ludwighawaii.com/

With Love,

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's New?

So, here we are, smack dab in the middle of this brand new chapter of our lives! There is something so spectacular about finally being married. I can't quite put it into words, but we are loving it! It is so hard to believe it has already been three months since we were standing on the beach in Hawaii promising to love each other for the rest of our lives. All I can say is, God is so faithful!

People keep asking us, "What are you doing with your lives?" and "What's new with the newlyweds?". Well, we thought we would take the time to share what we have been up to since the wedding. So, here's the deal. Chris is currently at Wachovia Bank, though he is awaiting an interview with another company where he will dabble a bit in some marketing and PR. We are definitely praying that a door will be opened in this direction! You can pray too:) He is also interning at our local sports radio station. This has presented the chance to go, biweekly, to the Raider and 49er games and be in the pressbox! If you know Chris at all you know that this almost makes him giddy! (It's really cute!)

I am lucky enough to be working with my mother-in-law at her day spa, Geri's Garden. I have been truly blessed to spend this time with her and also to make a little money while I am waiting to start my job at Tru Fitness! I will be teaching RPM beginning in October and Yoga in November! I am really looking forward to being in the fitness environment again! Other than that, I am thoroughly enjoying being a wife! I am only working two days a week right now, so I have a lot of time on my hands to experiment with new recipes and turn our little apartment into a home. Seriously, I don't think I could ask for a better beggining to our lives together.

In other news, Abby is huge, 48 lbs., but we are pretty sure she is done growing! We don't have TV right now (It's a very long story!) so we are keeping ourselves mildly entertained with Friends and Seinfeld-for the tenth time around! Chris' best friend is getting married in October and we are both in the wedding. We also have his cousin's wedding in October! The rest of the year is pretty eventful for us and we look forward to keeping you updated on our happenings!

Love and many blessings,
Chris and Kate
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