Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Old Couple, Abby & CBS

So we are sitting on the couch discussing going to bed. We are sitting there watching Friends DVDs (Because we don't have TV). We didn't think much of it until we looked at the time...9:00 p.m. The kicker? I was thoroughly dissecting the California Proposition Ballot that we got in the

We both laughed pretty hard. It's not as if this was a typical evening, but it was funny nonetheless.

I guess not having a TV takes a toll on the amount of evening time we devote to entertainment. There is only so much Friends we can take. Even Kate has gets tired of it at times. Admittedly, I get tired much quicker.

I found out some much needed things about the ballot propositions in California and that I was about 90 years-old at the same time.

On another note, Abby got a new toy from Grandma Joan. She loves this thing. So Kate and I start tossing it across the room to each other. Each time Abby follows it. Long story short, she is exhausted. We've learned she is much easier to tire when we tag team her, otherwise she wears us out.

On another note, I was quasi offered to work for CBS at this Sunday's Chargers vs. Raiders game in Oakland. Maybe all you blog readers can help me out...There series of texts are as follows...

Person: "Would you be interested in working this Sunday for CBS, crew of Nantz and Simms, call time will be EARLY!"

Chris: "Absolutely. Early isn't and issue no traffic :)"

Chris: "Do you think I'll be able to make it back in town by 8 p.m." (I have a Softball game)

Person 1: "I'm not sure they're going to need you"

Chris: "Well let me know" (A little irritated, but not willing to burn his best bridge)

I don't think I made a jump assuming that she needed me for the crew. Wouldn't you qualify any communication like this with a, "If they need someone..."

I may or may not be going at this point. The thing is, Lance Barrows is a coordinating producer for CBS and a good buddy with Phil Simms. Barrows is a ACU Alumni, so I was hoping to attempt to make a connection there. That would be the right kind of connection to have.

Hopefully it will still happen. If not, I get to watch the Raiders game from the comfort of my own couch, which is still pretty good, but not as productive or monetarily rewarding.

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