Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senior aerobics anyone?

Well, the long awaited start to my new job at TRU Fitness is finally within reach! At our staff meeting two weeks ago, the group fitness director, Kate, asked me if I was interested in creating and owning a new low-impact aerobics class. I obviously jumped at the opportunity to pick up another class. Well, last Friday, she asked if I could come in and teach HER what I had in mind for the class on Monday morning! I was so nervous all weekend about putting together my own choreography and fitting it with the perfect music. I swear all I did the entire weekend was cardio dance around the house with dance music as loud as it could go! I had the most unrestful sleep Sunday night because I was scared I would over sleep! At 4:15am I finally decided to jut get up and practice a few more times. Did I mention I was meeting her at 6:30? Well, my mom, being the amazing encourager that she is, came over at 5am to be my guinea pig for the routine! (Thanks, Mom!) Needless to say, all of my hard work and anxiety paid off because Kate loved what I put together!! I officially start teaching this class in two weeks, on October 1 and my RPM class will be on Saturdays at 8am!! I am so excited to finally start teaching these classes I can hardly stand it! I will definitely keep you updated on how they go in the upcoming weeks!


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