Monday, September 29, 2008

Wal-Mart Masterpiece

Have you ever wondered what perfection looks like? Really. Have you ever thought about perfection? I know as a Christian people we believe Jesus was perfect. I must say, I am enamored with this idea.

That said. I have to tell you about my experience at Wal-Mart.

So Kate and I are doing our weekly Wal-Mart trip. Everything is fine and we get up to the checkout. This is where the story takes flight.

First we give the lady cashier our cloth bags. If you know Kate she is really into them. I like them too, it is an easy way to cut down our use of petroleum, which in turn should also lower our gas prices. Back to topic. She proceeds to ask us if we want the hanger for a shirt we were buying. I replied, "Nah, it would just end up in a landfill." (I sound like freak, but believe me I am not). Then she starts weighing the apples. About a half dozen of by one. Kate and I looked at each other is disbelief, hardly containing our laughter. Then she finishes, and gives us our bags, including a single plastic bag that contained our eggs. Kate and I again look at each other is disbelief. Isn't the point of using cloth to save bags? Yes and she promptly wastes one bag on one item. We stop and remove the eggs at another check stand and leave the bag. When we get home we start unpacking our bags. Produce on bottom, boxes on the top, bread on the side. Really?

I feel bad for her. Some people aren't blessed with a lot of common sense. Those with so little common sense make everyday tasks a little more comical for the rest of us.

In other news:

-Kate received a note on here car. Someone wants to buy it "As-is" Odd, because it is running fine. Still, I guess I'll call the guy and see what he is willing to give us for it.

-Citigroup bought Wachovia. The place that I work. I guess God needed to jump my job search.

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