Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Majority Rules!!

Okay, the verdict is in and apparently I am weird to think Billy Ray Cyrus is cute! For the record, "cute" is the word I used for him and I am not into the mullet! I just need to get that out there:) I do, however, still stand by my vote! Thanks for participating!

The final result is: Hot~4, Not~6

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Soft Place to Land

I love to reflect on life. This morning, as I am doing so, I can't help but laugh. Life can throw some real zingers! The awesome thing is, if you are lucky, they are usually padded with some extra good moments.

This being said, I need to brag on my husband for a minute. Those of us who know him are very aware of his blunt nature and logical mind. You may also know that I almost always analyze with my emotions. I have always thought of the logical people as cold in a way. However, I think I have discovered their secret: They are actually just saps in disguise! I have felt down lately. I am just in one of those funks, you know? Being a woman, I have hormones to blame part of it on:) So Chris, in his non emotional way, has really picked me up this week (Always really, but especially lately!) I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for a partner who can see my needs and use the tools he has to love on me. This is why I have titled this blog A soft place to land. I am thankful to have one.

Let me count the ways~
~He brought me home beautiful flowers for our 4 month anniversary. This is so not cliche-I LOVE having fresh flowers!
~When I got all of my music stolen from my car, he started finding all of these new artists he thought I would like and downloading the music for me:)
~When we were 35 minutes out of apple hill and I realized I forgot to pick up the ornament we bought, he turned around like it was not even a big deal. Even though gas is ridiculously overpriced!
~He tells me I am the most wonderful wife for doing simple everyday things so I know he appreciates them.
~He has committed and initiated waking up at 6:15 in the morning to go jogging with me!

Please don't throw up, I will stop the mushy stuff! I just think we should remember to thank our loved ones for doing all the special little things that make us smile!

With that said, We had one of the best weekends we have had in a long time. On Saturday, we went to Apple Hill! We decided to take Abby girl. She needs the socialization and exercise. She was so good, BTW! Apple Hill is a tradition for many people in Northern Cali. Basically, it is hundreds of privately owned apple orchards. You can buy the best apples, eat yummy apple treats and they have a bunch of vendors with crafts and other fun stuff. We really enjoyed not having any time constraints and nowhere to be. On our way home, Chris asked what was for dinner. I told him that I had planned on making halibut with some grilled veggies and couscous, but I didn't really feel like it. Chris and I got crafty and decided to make fish tacos with the halibut. They were so good! Excellent really. Here's the recipe:

Serves 4~
2 halibut steaks
1 packet Simply Organic Fajita seasoning
8 corn tortillas
2 avocados
1 packet guacamole seasoning
reduced fat sharp cheddar

Marinate the halibut in the fajita seasoning for about 30 minutes, turning the fish half way through. Place Halibut in foil and place on grill about 4 minutes on each side. Flake fish and serve with warm tortillas and toppings. Enjoy!

We were so impressed with how yummy these ended up being, not to mention quick and healthy! I just wanted to share our new finding!

The last thought I will leave you with: Why is it that the moment you say, "I Do", the world starts asking about babies? Please hear me out, I CANNOT wait to have babies, but I can. Make sense? If up to us, kids will come in about 3 years. And when that time comes, we will be the most ecstatic, giddy couple. Trust me!! I just think it is really funny that every time I have been the least bit nauseous, someone says, "Are you pregnant?". Yikes, don't scare me like that! It doesn't help that I keep having dreams about being prego.

Okay, last last thing, while writing this blog I have been listening to Colbi Caillat and I just LOVE her!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Here we are in Apple Hill
Abby was so worn out from such an exciting day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Before and After Saturday.

I find it hard to write about our life and what has been going on without the proverbial, "So on Saturday..." It really is hard. So I will begin with Saturday morning.

I woke up late as I like to sleep in and Kate was doing things around the house while I watched one of the four channels we get. It was Saturday morning Disney shows on ABC. Whatever show has Miley Cyrus is what was on, and I was intrigued by what kids watched these days. No that is a lie, that is what Kate was intrigued by, I was hoping College Football was coming on.

Turns out Billy Ray Cyrus and the sister of Haley Joel Osment is on the show. This might not come as news to many people, but I don't follow this stuff, certainly not pre-teen stars and Billy Ray Cyrus. That isn't the half of what I was about to find out about my wife. Kate proceeds to drop a bomb on me. She thinks Billy Ray Cyrus is hot. Mullet and all. I was shocked and confused, dazed from the news, scared...confused. Billy Ray? Huh? Maybe the girls that read this blog can help me out. Hot or Not?

Please vote in the poll to the right. It will help ease my mind a little. After looking at him, I think there are worse looking guys out there. I know my mom had a crush on him when Achy Breaky Heart came out. So maybe it isn't that strange. Still vote...make me feel better...

On to other news.

Kate's car was broken into Tuesday night. They stole her CDs, my work portfolio, and they tried to remove the stereo, but without the proper tools for a Ford stereo they just broke off the face. They popped the lock, so now Kate's keys don't work, only the clicker. It really sucks. Most of the CDs have been burned onto our computer, but not all of them, so that sucks. The portfolio had all of my original "Atta-boys" in it. Such as awards, certificates, etc that I have received at work and school. I can't replace them. This all happened about thirty feet from our open bedroom window. So it makes Kate feel violated.

It is weird because this is a nice area, but the cops told us it wasn't the only mustang targeted last night in our area. Kate thought she had an alarm like my Explorer does, but we couldn't make it go off after the fact. So it is either broken or she never had one. She seems to think she had set it off in the past. It sucks and we don't know what we will end up getting from insurance, if anything.

On a lighter note, Kate kissed me and asked me if I had been eating Now and Laters (Kate called them Before and Afters as a kid, thus the blog title). I had not. In fact I had been thinking she tasted like Now and Laters. She remembered that she was wearing lip smackers. I instantly went circa 1997 with my thoughts and started cracking up that she forgot about the Lip Smackers and was wearing Lip Smackers in 2008. She thought I was cracking up because of a Friends episode where Joey wears flavored chapstick.

I know it was just chapstick, so perfectly normal for 2008, but it gave us a good chuckle. Makes sense they taste the same, they are both wax and flavoring.

On Sunday, I worked for CBS for the Jets at Raiders game. Raiders win! Awesome. It is funny, because I don't think people have a concept of what happens behind the scenes at an NFL football game. So much more than you know, unless you have been there and seen it. Go Raiders!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall, Love...what could be better?

You may have noticed that we haven't posed in two weeks. We have been crazy busy! So, what have we been up to? We had our first rain of the season on Friday October 3. I was beyond pleased to spend our date night in the comfort of our little home watching movies, sipping tea and snuggling up in our jammies. I love this time of year. It always makes me sentimental and gleeful.
Snuggling. You can see Abby's tongue in this picture:)

That weekend we went to the Eggplant Festival in Loomis. I have been looking forward to going for about 2 months. I just love Fall-ish festivals! We also went to a wedding that weekend. Chris' cousin Luke got married! Yay! I love weddings!! It was the first wedding we have been to since our own and I have to admit, I got a bit teary-eyed:) And finally, we tried out a new church on Sunday. We love our home church, but we just want to make sure it is the best possible place for us and that we don't just stay somewhere because it is comfortable.

So this past week was even more eventful than the one before! Chris' best friend, Brad got married!!! We were both in the wedding, so the days leading up to the wedding were very busy. Friday night were the bachelor/bachelorette parties and boy, did we have a good time! I think I will choose not to disclose the details of the bachelorette bash..somethings are just better left unsaid;) On Saturday, the ladies were pampered with manis and pedis and a delicious breakfast...yum! I again was reminiscent about the fun I had with my amazing bridesmaids the days leading up to my own wedding. What an amazing blessing to have such wonderful friends to celebrate such special times with! I love you, girls!! Anyway, Sunday was the big day and what a beautiful one it turned out to be! I am so happy for our friends. They definetely made me cry! They are so perfect for each other and I look forward to learning the tricks of being a newly married couple with them!

So, there it is, our last few weeks. And, I am not seeing the next few slow down any time soon. We're okay with that though, we like to be a couple on the move:)

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just trust!

Do you ever pray about something and then completely forget to thank God for answered prayers? I know I do, all the time! In fact, this week is an excellent example.

I am the one who tends to stress way too easily in our marriage. Seriously, everything gives me anxiety! Most of the time, all it takes for me to see the big picture is to talk things over with Chris or my mom. They are both extremely reasonable and grounded people and I am so blessed to have them in my life! Anyway, multiple things happened at the beginning of this week that gave me a sick feeling in my gut and I just didn't know how everything was going to work itself out: money, jobs, timing of big events happening in our lives, my procrastination with putting my Cardio class together...this list could go on for days! So, I send Chris a text at work on Monday and he responds by saying, "I am stressed too, but the Lord will provide even if we don't trust it right now". Simple right? I realized, "DUH!", why have I been trusting in myself and our abilities to provide. So, I gave it to God, realizing that He is ultimately sovereign and moved on. Fortunately, this is not where the story ends. So I am sitting here this morning thinking about the week and realized that SO many things have happened since Monday to really lighten our load and before I left to teach my class this morning I had an amazing calmness...ME?!? The thing that really gets me is how quick I was to see these blessings as a coinsidence. Obviously I realize that prayers are not always answered immediately or in the way we expect, but, the Lord is always taking care of our needs and will provide for them as He ses fit.

Just a little reminder to trust more and worry less. In times of trouble and distress or in happiness and comfort, let us not forget the One who loves us and dwell in His peace.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding. will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Philipians 4:6-7
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