Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Before and After Saturday.

I find it hard to write about our life and what has been going on without the proverbial, "So on Saturday..." It really is hard. So I will begin with Saturday morning.

I woke up late as I like to sleep in and Kate was doing things around the house while I watched one of the four channels we get. It was Saturday morning Disney shows on ABC. Whatever show has Miley Cyrus is what was on, and I was intrigued by what kids watched these days. No that is a lie, that is what Kate was intrigued by, I was hoping College Football was coming on.

Turns out Billy Ray Cyrus and the sister of Haley Joel Osment is on the show. This might not come as news to many people, but I don't follow this stuff, certainly not pre-teen stars and Billy Ray Cyrus. That isn't the half of what I was about to find out about my wife. Kate proceeds to drop a bomb on me. She thinks Billy Ray Cyrus is hot. Mullet and all. I was shocked and confused, dazed from the news, scared...confused. Billy Ray? Huh? Maybe the girls that read this blog can help me out. Hot or Not?

Please vote in the poll to the right. It will help ease my mind a little. After looking at him, I think there are worse looking guys out there. I know my mom had a crush on him when Achy Breaky Heart came out. So maybe it isn't that strange. Still vote...make me feel better...

On to other news.

Kate's car was broken into Tuesday night. They stole her CDs, my work portfolio, and they tried to remove the stereo, but without the proper tools for a Ford stereo they just broke off the face. They popped the lock, so now Kate's keys don't work, only the clicker. It really sucks. Most of the CDs have been burned onto our computer, but not all of them, so that sucks. The portfolio had all of my original "Atta-boys" in it. Such as awards, certificates, etc that I have received at work and school. I can't replace them. This all happened about thirty feet from our open bedroom window. So it makes Kate feel violated.

It is weird because this is a nice area, but the cops told us it wasn't the only mustang targeted last night in our area. Kate thought she had an alarm like my Explorer does, but we couldn't make it go off after the fact. So it is either broken or she never had one. She seems to think she had set it off in the past. It sucks and we don't know what we will end up getting from insurance, if anything.

On a lighter note, Kate kissed me and asked me if I had been eating Now and Laters (Kate called them Before and Afters as a kid, thus the blog title). I had not. In fact I had been thinking she tasted like Now and Laters. She remembered that she was wearing lip smackers. I instantly went circa 1997 with my thoughts and started cracking up that she forgot about the Lip Smackers and was wearing Lip Smackers in 2008. She thought I was cracking up because of a Friends episode where Joey wears flavored chapstick.

I know it was just chapstick, so perfectly normal for 2008, but it gave us a good chuckle. Makes sense they taste the same, they are both wax and flavoring.

On Sunday, I worked for CBS for the Jets at Raiders game. Raiders win! Awesome. It is funny, because I don't think people have a concept of what happens behind the scenes at an NFL football game. So much more than you know, unless you have been there and seen it. Go Raiders!

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Kate said...

In my defense, I said he was cute and NOT with the mullet! Seriously, his face is attractive!

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