Sunday, December 28, 2008

So...I got a job!

I seriously have not had a free minute to blog in the last 3 weeks! Two days after my last post I had the opportunity to apply for a job. I immediately jumped at the chance and sent my resume over the next day. I received a call the following day to interview that Friday! Well, as luck would have it, I got the job and started the following Monday, December 8!! So you see, my schedule and lifestyle have been radically changed, for the good of course.

So what's the job you ask? Well, I am a loan processor for a company called Cology. We process student loans. I actually have a bit of experience in this field from an accumulated 7 or 8 months of working at Wachovia during various break in college. I was informed about the job from a previous connection at Wachovia. It just goes to show you how important connections really are!

This may confuse you since I got my degree in Exercise Science and and I was previously teaching group fitness classes. Well, sometimes things don't work out the way you think:) You see, with the way the economy is going, TruFitness unfortunately couldn't afford to add on additional fitness classes as they had hoped. So, through much payer and conversation with the group fitness manager, I decided that I needed to focus on other things, like bearing some of the financial responsibility to our family. Thankfully, we ended on great terms and there is always a possibility of teaching part time later on. The really cool thing is, now that we have doubled our income, I am able to pay for additional certifications and join a great gym to stay in shape! My hope is that by mid to end of next year, I will be teaching pilates and/or yoga.

The bottom line is, I am loving my new job and have been given a renewed sense of confidence. Trust me, Chris never pressured me to find another job or anything like that, but he is constantly reassuring me that I have abundant talents and would be a positive asset wherever I am. That is definitely helpful!!

I must say, the first week of working 8 to 5 with a 45 minute commute each way caused for a little grumpiness on my part, but I quickly came to appreciate carpooling with my husband and taking lunch together:) Maybe I forgot to mention that our offices are across the street from each other! How lucky is that?! Getting to spend that extra time together during the day has made up for not having dinner on the table when he gets home and my grocery/laundry Mondays:( The adjustment has been smooth and I have had to remind myself how incredibly lucky I am to have a great job in this tough economy, plus getting a paycheck before Christmas! May we always remember how great our God is and count the abundant ways He takes care of us!

Now that you are all caught up:

Merry Christmas!! I hope it was amazing and you were in the presence of those you love! Chris and I had the best day! We had such a special morning with each other in our own home:) Waking up next to my new husband made for a wonderful start to our day!! We shared the rest of the day with our families (thankfully, they are so close we didn't have to travel!) And since we both had Friday off, we stayed in our pj's and relaxed all day! Talk about a great weekend!

Wishing you a great year's end!

Love and peace,

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