Saturday, January 17, 2009

Festivities and a Sunny California Day!

Since I was little, birthdays have been a huge ordeal in my family. Well, mostly to my Mom. She always makes sure that my birthday is as wonderful as it can possibly be. It is no surprise that I have inherited her desire to celebrate those I love on their birthday.

While Chris and I have been together for his last five birthdays, I have only been with him on 2! For some reason or another, I have been away for the others. This year was my year to make up for my previous absences. I had been planning exactly how I would make it special for weeks!

These pictures are a peak into His day:)

The day was complete with blueberry pancakes (his favorite breakfast food), the Braun Pulsonic shaver he has been talking about for weeks, and dinner at Johnny Garlic's with those we love!

There was only one glitch...we were suppose to go up to the the snow today with some of his Auntie's and a bunch of cousins, but, well, we are having an unusually warm week and there is no snow!! Ha! Oh well, we will have to go in a few weeks when it gets colder and actually snows! We still had an incredible day. The weather was amazing today! We ran some errands and drove around with the windows down. There is simply nothing like the relief of the warm sun shining down on you!

While at Whole Foods today, we decided to make panini's for dinner. We got some amazing ingredients and enjoyed a delicious meal! To accompany our Italian sandwiches, I made a Tuscan Chickpea and Tomato soup. What a divine combination!

Just a warning, you may get very hungry and drool just a tiny bit while looking at these pictures. Approach with caution:)

We also tried out our popcorn maker tonight for a treat while we watched Swing Vote. Chris flavored his with an array of Southwestern spices and I stuck with Cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar! Look at that goodness!

Ah, two more days to savor until we go back to work. Thank you Mr. King!

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Brad said...

Someone is in love with the food setting...LOL!

Glad you guys are having a great weekend. Happy birthday buddy!

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