Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am a firm believer in the idea that, when it comes to food, simplicity is the best policy. If I could have it my way, I would have a whole garden of fresh fruits and vegetables that we could feast on and know exactly where they came from. Unfortunately, living in an apartment does not accomodate these desires. So, I go to the next best thing-shopping at a store who shares my ideals of fresh, wholesome and whenever possible, local ingredients. I am reffering to Whole Foods. I know that I might pay more for certain ingredients, but I feel that the few extra dollars are worth me having a clear conscience. Plus, it makes me aware of the things I buy so I only purchasing what we really need to sustain our bodies. After all, food is meant to be just that, fuel for these ever working machines.

I think this state of mind is catching on in our house:) Last night is a perfect example. I came home from the gym to a delicious, healthy and amazingly fresh tasting meal (prepared by my darling husband!). Chris had prepared a very simple dinner but it was exactly what I needed to recover from my workout. He made a Vita-Mix soup (a staple in our house) and grilled chicken with some spicy seasonings. I know it sounds silly, but I couldn't help but rave over this amazing meal! The soup was one we hadn't tried yet. It was a simple vegetable soup with fresh carrot, tomato, celery, pepper etc. Yum!

I was reminded last night (and again at lunch as I licked my bowl clean) how satisfying "real" food is and and wondered why more people don't realize this. I honestly believe our nation would be a much better and healthier place if we got back to the basics of food.

Wishing you good health always!

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