Sunday, February 22, 2009

Allow Me to Catch You Up...

My current mood: refreshed, content and happy.

This is good considering my recent moods have been: grumpy, tired and sick!

I have missed blogging, but have just had no time:(

A quick recap of our last three weeks:

* We went to Santa Cruz and the Sharks game with Chris' Dad. So much fun!
*Chris got sick
*Chris got me sick on a week I couldn't take off work because my boss was out and we were really busy:(
*I was still sick on Valentine's Day and the entire weekend that we spent at a cabin in Tahoe with Chris' Dad, step mom and brothers:(
*We bought an awesome new couch and decided it would our Valentine's gift to each other!
*We are currently crammed in a tiny living space with too much furniture since we haven't posted the old couch on Craig's list yet.
*I feel fabulous since I finally got my hair done last week.
*In the last two weeks my brother turned 4, my sister, Audrey turned 3 and my sister, Ava turned 2!!
*I finally spent time with my sweet friend, Parris and saw the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic", which was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who LOVED the book like I did!
*We watched "Changeling" last night. Also very good but slightly disturbing.
*In addition to all this, we have been really busy dealing with house stuff:) I will wait to disclose anything until something is for sure!

This weekend we have had some much needed catch up time to relax. Yesterday marked 8 months since our wedding! I had already planned on making a yummy dinner, which ended up being a perfect opportunity to celebrate! I really can't believe it has already been a better part of a year! The time has flown by and has been absolutely wonderful! Here are some pics of our tasty diner:)

1 comment:

Brad said...

Aw, no fair! That cake looks awesome!

I like the site background btw.

When are we all hanging out? It needs to happen! LOL. Battle of the Sexes!!!!!

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