Friday, February 6, 2009

Ever a Chatter Box

As long as I can remember, I have been a girl of many words. I may have grown up since people called me a chatter box, but I definitely didn't grow out of it! Which brings me to preface you that this post will probably be very wordy. I just have so many exciting things to say!!

First things first ~ Chris and I are looking to buy a house! The last few weeks have been pretty eventful for us. But, wow, they have been really fun!

I should probably share how this all came to be. We have been weighing our options for a few weeks of what our next step will be as far as a place to live. Our lease is up May 1st and we don't particularly want to stay in an apartment. Not that we don't love it, but we would love to have a bit more space and a yard for Abby. So, we looked into renting a house, but they are pretty pricey, which steered us in the direction of possibly buying. The marked is so good to buy right now so we decided to look. Well, wouldn't you know, we found a condo we absolutely love. It is the last in the development so they are throwing in every upgrade (granite counter tops, ss appliances, upgraded carpet etc.)Plus, it has a yard. Oh and did I mention it is 1800 sf so we would totally have room to start a family there. Realizing it was in our price range, we decided to pursue it and see if we even qualified. We did! Wow! Knowing that we needed to leave God in complete control of something like this, we prayed that He would give us a clear "Yes" or "No" to proceed. We were feeling really good about the whole thing for a few days but something kept nagging at both of us that it was too quick to make such a big decision.

If my story has seemed to jump really fast to you, it's not just you, we felt the same way. We realized it was a great place, but they were certain things that we just couldn't push away in our minds. The biggest being the outrageous HOA's and Melo-Roos fees. At a hefty $480/month! Talk about crazy. That's a big portion not even going to our mortgage. So, after several daunting hours of playing with our budget, we decided that we should step back from this. Two nights ago we made the decision to keep looking. You wouldn't believe how many awesome houses and great deals there are to be had right now! We are really encouraged about this journey we are beginning in finding a new home.

I would like to highlight how faithful the Lord has been in our decision making. He absolutely gave us the answer we were needing and we could not have more peace about turning that property down. Sometimes He won't give us the answers we want, but it ALWAYS pays to listen!!

So tomorrow, we are getting up early, going to breakfast and continuing our hunt!

Another huge thing that happened this week is me becoming eligible for benefits at work! I will finally be able to get my wisdom teeth out!! I really can't put into words how grateful we are to have such great medical/dental coverage. Oh yeah and 15 PTO days for the year!! Woo gotta love paid vacation:)

And finally, the only show I religiously watch started last week...Hell's Kitchen!

I told you this would be a long one:) Thanks for your love and support!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Brad Hill said...

Like I posted on the Facebook post, Laura and I have a very large list (26 homes!) that we drove to and looked at within the last week. We'd be happy to share it. In addition, there is another housing area that had AWESOME condos for a great price, but they were income-controlled, so if you guys make less than $56,000 combined you should definitely check them out! Call me if you guys want more info or want me to send you our spreadsheet! :)

Kate said...

Thanks again! Fortunately we make more than that so I guess that's out:)Can't wait to hear what you have found!

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