Monday, March 30, 2009


So it's back to the hustle and bustle of Monday morning. Tired and already looking forward to next weekend. Isn't that the way it goes? I think the better the weekend, the more reluctant I am to get out of bed on Monday. It never fails that when the alarm buzzes on the oh so dreaded Monday, Chris and I look at each other and say, "You wanna call in sick?". Of course these have never turned into anything but shallow threats, but one day it may happen:)I just can't quite justify taking a sick day when we will be taking three days off for our Napa vacation in 2 short weeks!! We are SOO looking forward to the break! Besides, I think we are both way too, "play by the rules" to skip work without actually being sick...

I simply must tell you how our weekend began, as we couldn't stop laughing at ourselves. For years now, Friday has been our date night. The deal is, I cook most other nights and Chris treats me to a dinner out on Friday's. It is wonderful! Besides, who wants to cook on Friday's? Given the fact that we have an over abundance of restauraunt in this area, we are never short on choices and can typically make a decision fairly quickly. Starving and ready for dinner on our drive home we start asking each other what the other wanted to eat. We started naming some of our favs, but to no avail. Looong story short, we sat at home for 45 minutes going back and forth, but we were so hungry that nothing was sounding good! Weird, huh? So we decide to jump in the car and drive, assuming we will see something that looked good and could satisfy our hungry tummies. Bad idea. We drove for another 30 minutes and finally Chris says, "This is ridiculous, let's go to Johnny Garlic's!". So we stop and signed up, only to be told there is about a 30 minute wait! Uhhh! I really wasn't feeling it, so as we are standing outside I see Chili's and ask if we can go there. Chris gives me the curled lip, "Seriously?". You have to understand that with all of the places we could choose from, Chili's is NEVER on our list. I think we are jaded from living in Abilene and only eating there because it was the only descent restaurant on our side of town. Needless to say, this was a suprising choice for me to suggest. I will admit that I really wanted a margarita and I happen to know that Chili's makes a good one:) So off we trotted to Chili's and wouldn't you know, we enjoyed ourselves! To cut the wait time, we sat at the bar and sipped a few margaritas and enjoyed each others company:)Whatever it takes, right!

I think I can say with much certainty that Sunday was the best day this weekend. We have been church hunting for a few months now and been a little dissapointed. But finally, this Sunday, we tried a church that I think we loved! Yay!! I am really hoping we can land there. We need to give it a few weeks to know for sure, but based on yesterday, I have a good feeling about this one!

Also, yesterday marked week five of my training and I am pushing through being tired and a little unmotivated last week. Before church I ran a 5 miler, with much ease, I would like to add! I love getting my run in early on the weekends! It gives me the rest of the day to relax! In fact, I took a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap after church. That may be one of my favorite things about Sunday. I love knowing I have no where to be and no worries:)You would think I would be more refreshed today!

Sorry I didn't post the answer to my quiz this weekend. The correct answer is January. Congrats to the majority of you voters who got it right!!

Enjoy your Monday...

Well, I have something to smile about today. I bought the new issue of Clean Eating yesterday! Lunch couldn't come soon enough:)

Much Love

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