Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clean Cut and Organic

At this very moment, I am listening to my husband yell at the TV. Oh, he is watching hockey:) I just love how different men and women really are! Seriously, he gets so worked up about these games and it just makes me laugh. Of course, he is not an angry person AT ALL so it is just really cute to see him get mad and then shoot me an adorable little grin:) BTW, he is extra cute right now. He got a haircut today AND shaved!! I was freaking out a tad last week when he told me he wasn't going to shave until the Sharks won the Stanley Cup...AHH! You should know that nothing is more attractive to me than a freshly shaved face. Thankfully my hubby decided it was more important to please his wife than to have a scruffy face:) Phew!

I feel extra loved today. Chris and I took advantage of the 80 degree weather and did a little shopping. Honestly, he kinda spoiled me:) We went to Anthropologie, where I got the book, Simply Organic, which I have been wanting to buy for about a year, but just never wanted to spend the money on myself. I am so excited to bust it open and create some of the delicious recipes! I also got some fabulous purple heels from Nordstrom Rack!! I seriously cannot wait to wear them!

I mentioned in yesterday's blog that Em's bridal shower was last night. It was absolutely wonderful! I love celebrating marriage! There was a portion of sharing during the shower where we gave the lovely bride-to-be marriage advice. What a great activity! I loved hearing what these women had to say. After all, I have only been married ten months and most definitely have SO MUCH to learn about being a great wife! How humbling to hear from ladies who have been married for years and are still learning how to better their marriage. You gotta love experience!

Well friends, the weekend is quickly coming to an end and that means an early alarm tomorrow:(

Sweet dreams!

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Brad said...

Well now we know why the Sharks

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