Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I am convinced that weird weather makes for weird days!

Here in Sacramento, we have definitely not had a shortage of sunshine; appropriate for the time of year and much appreciated!! It has made it much easier to go for my runs in the evenings after work. And not to mention just being more active throughout the day. Who wouldn't want to be outside when it is a perfect 71 degrees?!

I'm not really sure what happened, but this afternoon I was working away and I realized it was raining!! Excuse me?? Where did my sunshine go? And especially right before my birthday! The weather report says it should clear up by Friday, but that's still cutting it a bit close for my comfort!

Don't get me wrong, I love big rains, just not in April. This is pretty much how I feel today:(

So what have been the effects of this strange turn of the weather you ask? Well for me, I am finding it hard to get motivated to work out tonight. Bah! I have been doing so well and pushed through being really tired at the end of last week and now this? All I can say is, it will take some major motivation from my hubby to not put my sweats on when I get home:)Especially since I have a super yummy dinner planned tonight (soba noodles with grilled flank steak). I should also mention how the strangest people come out of the woodwork on days like this! Not only was I swamped at work, but I dealt with some real crazies today!

Today wasn't all negative though. Chris actually took the day off and got to watch the Giants opener! Honestly, I was a bit jealous when he was still in bed and I was leaving for work this morning, but it really was much deserved. I am so blessed with a husband who I can be proud of! I know that he has always and will always do everything in his power to suppport us and that is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your hard work, my Love! I hope you enjoyed your day off!


Missy said...

just stumbled across your blog! cute!

imagine living in a place that has winter - now that takes some MAJOR motivation to get me out there for a run!!

Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I simply cannot imagine living somewhere with a REAL winter-I think I might die!

Major kuddos to you for getting out there in the cold:)

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