Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surprises and Routines

I cannot tell you how many times Chris has sincerely surprised me with his thoughtfulness! He is unlike any man I have ever met and he has always been like this! Every time he buys a gift or plans something, you can bet there has been much consideration to the recipient. I truly strive to make others feel as special as he makes me feel on a daily basis:)

I had mentioned a few days ago that he had planned a date for us this Saturday. I had no idea what it was, especially since he had guys over to our place to watch the NFL draft, which ended up going until a little after 7pm. I love being surprised, so I was more than happy to be in the dark about it. It turns out Chris had been seeking out a good Blues Club in Sacramento for us to go to! (I also mentioned that we have been really into blues lately) We ended up at the Torch Club in downtown Sac where we grooved to Jim Sprankle. (Don't you love that name?) We had an awesome time! Seriously, what a fabulous date!! I told you he was thoughtful:) The best part is, there was no special reason or occasion for going, just because he wanted to take me out:)

We are getting to that point where we have routines and "traditions", if you will. I love the way we are settling into our life! For instance, Saturdays are always date night, Mondays are usually dinner at his parents and Sundays are a big yummy dinner at home (with dessert and all)! I love Sundays! I love having the time to grocery shop, clean out the fridge, relax and really take time to make a delicious meal:) I think it prepares us for the busy week ahead.

Tonight's dinner consisted of an herb rubbed pork tenderloin topped with a strawberry avocado salsa and a spinach salad. For dessert I made a lovely herb garden angel food cake from Simply Organic! Everything was so light, refreshing and full of seasonal flavor. My favorite part was the sweet ending:) It was very different and delicious. The angel food cake called for fresh basil and edible rose petals:) I know it sounds strange, but man was it good and so pretty!

Here are some pics of our relaxing Sunday meal:

BTW, I am very giddy because I just turned on the TV and Bewitched is playing, followed by I Dream of Jeannie!! I grew up watching these two fabulous shows! Yay for flash backs:)

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