Sunday, May 3, 2009

Botanicals Anybody?

What a wonderfully refreshing weekend we had!

Our original plans for this weekend were a bit altered, but it gave us a much needed break, as we are about to plunge into a very event filled month:) You may not have a sports crazed man living in your house, but if you do, you know that baseball season is in full swing, which means my husband has been dying to go to a Giants game! We had decided to catch a game this Saturday, but seeing that the weather forecast was wet and stormy, we opted to hold off on the game until next month. So instead, we were afforded the luxury of sleeping in and lounging around ALL day Saturday! What a glorious way to spend a rainy Saturday:) Although, I must say, we were surprisingly productive for the amount of relaxing we did! We actually went grocery shopping, finished laundry and worked out, all before lunch time:) And yet, I still somehow managed to watch an entire marathon of What I Like About You...You've gotta love DVR!

While the second half of the weekend wasn't spent much at home, we definitely enjoyed ourselves! For some reason, I woke up at 6am:) It was probably the rain and how relaxed my body was from Saturday, but it was wonderful! I even made myself the best healthy french toast and drank 3 cups of coffee. Now that is a great start to the day! Later that morning, I was off with my Mom to attend a free class at Pottery Barn where we learned how to decorate with various vases, flowers and fillers! We have always talked about attending one of these classes (and the ones at Williams Sonoma!) and last weekend we finally decided to sign up. It was fun and we got 10% off of our purchase for the day!! I am always a fan of learning new things...and discounts:) Look what I learned...

After a little shopping and coffee with my Mom, I met up with my hubby and we headed to his Papa's house for lunch with some of the family. Great food and fun times! And on our way there, Chris stopped at Shane Co. so we could get our wedding rings cleaned:) How sweet is he?!

And to top off an already great weekend, our Sunday dinner was Asian-inspired and delicious! I mean, who can resist edamame, grilled flank steak with soba noodles and green tea ice cream?! Yum!! We ended our evening with taking our pup for a walk and watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective (one of Chris' favs!).

I am SOO ready to take on this week!

Merry Monday!

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