Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrating Mom's

Where do I even begin with how fabulous my weekend was? I guess I just have to say how much I appreciate all of the wonferful women in my life! This weekend was definitely full of celebration to them:)

On Saturday morning, we woke up at 6 to run the Race for the Cure. I am pretty sure the sun comes out especially for this event. It is always such a beautiful weekend. Definitely perfect for running. This run is especially important for my Mom and me because my grandma is a two-time breast cancer survivor!! We run in celebration of her brave victory over cancer and recognize how special she is to us:) I love you Gram!

Of course, the beautiful morning wouldn't be complete without Starbucks:)

In the afternoon I attended a baby shower for Chris' cousin. The theme was ladybugs and everything was absolutely adorable! I would like to share something I realized while I was there. I will admit that I have had a bit of the baby "bug" lately. We aren't planning on getting pregnant soon or anything, but it has definitely been on my mind the past weeks (or months). But while I was at the shower, it hit me that I have such a desire to wait for babies! As wonderful as it will be when Chris and I do start to expand our family, we are still newlyweds and I would like to savor every last ounce of being spontaneous with my husband!! It was a good reminder to not rush life and really enjoy the chapter we are in and not constantly look to the next. After all, we are in such a fantastic place! However, when the time does come, my husband is going to be the most amazing father:) I constantly get glimpses of him with kids and I just fall more and more in love!

And on Sunday we spent the day celebrating our wonderful Moms! We made a delicious lunch for them complete with gourmet sandwiches, fresh fruit, champagne and the most beautiful petite desserts you have ever seen (courtesy of Whole Foods!). After we hung out and chatted for a while, Chris took his Mom to see the new Star Trek movie and My mom and I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriend's past:) Perfectly fitting for each of us! I can't speak for their movie, but ours was so cute! Of course, we LOVE Matthew McConaughey!! Afterwards, the six of us (including the guys) hung out at my in-laws, where the men cooked dinner for us:) I think my favorite part of the evening was the fantastic margaritas! Oh, and the sunshine! And of course watching our cute pup play for hours in the pool.

After such a fun-filled weekend I am a little sleepy this morning, but it was so worth it!

I hope you had a great weekend celebrating your wonderful Mom!

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