Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Extra pickles, yes?

Do you remember that scene from Two Weeks Notice, where Sandra and Hugh are at lunch and they automatically start taking things from the other's plate that they like and vice versa?

I had a similar incident of familiarity this morning:)

As I was packing Chris' lunch last night, I decided to make him a tuna sandwich. You must understand that while Chris isn't really picky about most foods, he is very picky about how most foods are prepared. For instance, if I mention tuna, he typically turns his nose up. But, if I make it the way he likes and present it to him when he is hungry, I can usually make the man pretty darn happy:) I happen to know that he likes tuna extra crunchy (pickles, celery and onion) and ONLY with mustard (NO mayo or Miracle Whip whatsoever!!). These are just the kinds of things you learn about your spouse...eventually and after inevitably doing things a different way once or twice;)

I got an email from my hubby at work this morning that said this:

Chris: "Everyone loves your brownies! Is lunch a lettuce sandwich?

(I baked brownies for his work potluck and I didn't assemble the sandwich because I didn't want it to be soggy. He also hates that! So, I brought the tuna in a container and put it in the fridge to keep it extra cold!)

Kate: "Yay! Haha...I have the COLD tuna in the fridge:)"

Chris: "Extra pickles, yes?"

Kate: "Of course!"

Oh silly husband! I felt so proud that I knew exactly what he liked!

It might seem silly, but it is one of the many pleasures of knowing somebody so well:)

Have a Happy Tuesday!!


KPE said...


And I LOVE that movie!

Brad said...

"Is lunch a lettuce sandwich?"


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