Monday, May 18, 2009

In a (very large) Nutshell

Hi Friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I did, but I have not had a second to breathe!! I am currently taking a ten minute break from my crazy morning to recap the last few days:)

So here goes:

*By the time Friday was here, I was getting really overwhelmed by everything I had going on and asked my boss if I could take a half day off. Being the great boss that he is, he let me. Only thing is, I started a big project that morning, so I was busting my tail to get it finished. Well, not exactly finished, but enough that I could finish today. I seriously woke up this morning thinking about all I have to do today!!

*Friday afternoon I was able to get some neccessary things finished and I celebrated with some girl time with my sweet friend Parris! I was SOO in need of a girl "date"! Of course, I have a very "Kate" story to share with you...

*I have been having a lot of trouble with my phone lately. We are trying to get on a new service, so I am trying to hold out with my phone until then. Lately it is having trouble charging, so randomly I just don't have a phone! Wouldn't you know, when I got to the mall to meet Parris Friday night, I realize we never decided on a meeting place. I pull out my phone to realize it is dead! Oh, and I have no car charger! I decide to go in anyway and hope she will think to meet at a place we discussed shopping at. Stupid idea! Forty-five minutes later I see a friend who let's me use her phone to call Parris. Problem is, I don't know her number off the top of my head! I decide to call Chris and have him tell Parris where I will be. Of all times, I remember that when I left, his phone was on the bed and he was in the office! A little frusturated, I get the idea to walk over to the T-Mobile kiosk and explain my sob story in hopes that the lady will charge my phone...I think she did it out of sheer boredom, but I didn't care. My phone got enough juice to call Parris:) Apparently she was worried something happened to me because I am never late and she couldn't get a hold of Chris or me! See the evil that comes from relying on technology!! Haha, maybe I should just be more prepared with things like my phone! Another lesson learned...

*After a bit of a delay, the rest of the night was a success. After shopping we went to a great sushi place I had never been to. They were even having a special of 50% off rolls for the evening! I am a big fan of saving money. Ended the night with My Best Friend's Wedding!

*Saturday morning was filled with fantastic garage saleing!! Our neighborhood was having it's annual garage sale (literally hundreds of houses participated!). I am most proud of the fabulous console table I found for $5!!! It's even the perfect shade of green...of course! Pictures of my fab finds to come:)

*More shopping with Emily, who is in town to get married on Saturday!!!

*Had a relaxing night with Hubby and ate yummy turkey burgers and sweet potato fries:)

*Spent Sunday afternoon at the in-laws in the pool! I am loving the HOT weather!

*Helped my Aunt by creating a menu plan for her. Oh how I miss helping people become healthy!

*Did some more shopping with my Mom and Mother-in-law. Got a super cute little black dress for the bachelorette party on Thursday! I am actually wearing it today:) Hey, you gotta have something to look forward to on Monday, right?!

*As we were getting ready to leave this morning, Chris realized one of his fish was stuck under a rock...dead! Eeew!

Okay, back to work! Busy, busy, busy and lovin' it!!

Merry Monday:)

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