Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Schedule Change!

So the last few days have been quite eventful for the Hansen's! We were so happy to have an extra day off this week. Even though I didn't get much done around the house, we were in the wonderful company of our friends and family all day! We started out at Awful Annie's for breakfast with our parents (love them!), and then the two of us went to the Sacramento jazz festival. I just love Oldtown Sac! we enjoyed delicious soft serve ice cream, walked around the cute shops while listening to wonderful jazz all afternoon! Then we headed over to the Reed's house for a BBQ and ended up staying late into the evening:) I call our weekend a success!

I am loving that this week is already half over! I also love that I have a new phone!! Woohoo! It's the Samsung Propel and it's the cutest shade of green:)

And speaking of new, my Mom bought us a fantastic set of stainless steel cookware from Entertaining at Home as an early Anniversary present! I wasn't even expecting a gift:)Thank you Mom, you are wonderful!!

Lately I have been so sad that I don't have much time in the evenings to do the things I wish I could around the house. You're going to laugh at how I recently got my wish. We are taking on a new client at work, but they are on the East coast and would really like someone on the phones at 9am their time. Yesterday my boss asked for a volunteer to start the 6-3 shift and who do you think jumped at the opportunity? That's right, yours truly! As early as next week, I will be home by 3:30!! It may take some adjusting, but I am a morning person and can definitely handle the the crack of dawn:) Imaging having my work out done and dinner ready when my hubby gets home! Fabulous!!

I would like to give a shout out to my father-in-law who turned 40 today!!! I hope you guys are having fun in Vegas!!

Enjoy your Wednesday! I am going to grab some coffee and heat up my clean eating banana applesause bread:)Yum!

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Parris Reed said...

I think that you are such an amazing Wife!! Domestic Goddess to be exact! To be so happy about starting work at the crack of dawn just to have a beautiful dinner ready for your hubby is dedication and I am so impressed! Love you much!

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