Friday, May 15, 2009

Some of My Fav's

First things first~I am so happy about the finale of Hell's Kitchen last night! Yay for Danny!! We were totally pulling for him and I am pleased to say that the two seasons I have watched have ended with the chef of my choice:)

And secondly, in honor of my favorite (work) day of the week, I wanted to share some of my other favorite's! After all, when you love something you should share it right? So here they are, some of the little things in life that make me smile...

*Starbucks Casi Cielo coffee. This beautiful medium blend comes out around Valentine's Day. There are many coffee's I enjoy, but few as much as this one! It's a must try to keep you warm in the midst of the chilly winter months. In the meantime, check out their Verona blend.

*Rachel's Wickedly Delicious yogurt. This is a new discovery for me and I am hooked! This yogurt comes in some of the most decadent and irresistible flavors like Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit and Plum Honey Lavender! Any one of these can perk up any dreary afternoon at work:)

*Taylor Swift's Fearless. Absolutely love this entire cd! In fact, a lot of mornings I wake up to this one:)

*Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme. Mmm, this stuff is so creamy and thick, a little bit goes a very long way. I tend to have dry skin, but with this cream, you would never know it!

*Method cleaners. I am a sucker for natural products, especially when it comes to cleaning. The clean freak in me can assure you they can get even the grimiest tubs and toilets to sparkle!

*And lastly, my beloved Vita-Mix. I don't know what I would do without this in my kitchen! I have been hooked ever since my parents got one about 11 years ago. I would even dare say that I love this appliance more than my pink Kitchen-Aid mixer (gasp!). Really though, what else can make quick healthy (and hot) soups, delicious smoothies, refreshing ice cream and other desserts etc. at the flip of a switch?

Hope your weekend is absolutely fabulous!

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Brad said...

I bet Chris wakes up dancing to Taylor Swift.

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