Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Tin Thimble

I just had one of the best kind of Saturday afternoons and I am newly inspired!! You see, my Mom found these great, never used margarita and martini glasses from Pottery barn on Craig's list and found out the lady selling them owns, with her Mom, a cute little sewing shop called The Tin Thimble (here's a link to their blog). Naturally, she invited me along to pick them up, knowing this is right up our ally! From seeing the fantastic, vintage inspired stuff they make, I am inspired to learn to sew:) When I was little, my grandma tried to teach me but I was never really too interested, but now that I am learning all of the fabulous things I can make myself (and save money buying) I want to learn. We definitely have the crafty gene in our blood:) I bought this adorable handkerchief (and yes, I plan on using it for traditional purposes!) at the Tin Thimble!

We were told by the lady about some other places we should stop by around the cute little town of Newcastle. We had lunch and bought some local produce at the Newcastle Produce Market. Learning while we were there that they also hold cooking/technique classes. I plan on attending the cupcake and sushi class! Oh, these are two different classes:) And finally we stopped by a vintage second hand shop where I picked up some past issues of Country Living for $.25. They actually aren't old at all, one of them is the June 2009 issue! I never thought it was my kind of magazine, but as I started flipping through it I realized it is full of DIY projects, great recipes and encouragement about living green and shopping locally. I am happy my magazine subscriptions are just up, as I may add Country Living to my monthly reads:)

Okay, I'm off to get ready for Darrell's birthday party! Enjoy this glorious Saturday!

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