Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bright Eyed Baristas and Holidays

My eyes are having some trouble cooperating this morning with the whole, it's time to be awake and alert thing! I have only myself to blame though. I just had to stay up and watch "Here Come the Newlyweds", and I'm paying for it now. Imagine the state I would be in without the help of my favorite Starbucks that's conveniently located in the middle of my morning commute! Thank you bright eyed baristas for giving me exactly what I needed in the form of a tall soy, no water chai:):):)

As I was sluggishly getting myself together this morning, it occured to me that this is a four day week for me! Whoo hoo!!! That's right, I get Friday off because of the 4th:) That oughta be enought to get me through this Tuesday!

It never fails that when I get a day off I unconsciously plan it with things I'd like to accomplish; a long workout, organizing, cleaning, getting caught up on reading I've wanted to do, a mani and pedi,(I even plan time to relax!)and before I know it my day off needs to be a week long to get it all in! I'm telling you, I should have been a teacher just for the summer vacation! I guess I will have to settle for a day, which I will say is much needed and appreciated:)

Have a happy Tuesday!


Missy said...

soy chai's are my fav too!

Chris said...

Aren't they the best?!

Chris said...

Whoops! This is Kate signed in as Chris:)

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