Sunday, June 7, 2009

Budgets and Schedules

Can I just make a simple observation of the general annoyance of a budget? I mean seriously, who needs a savings and health insurance?? Haha, I am totally kidding, obviously there is such thing as priorities in life:) Yesterday I finally stopped by the Tattered House and I am in LOVE!! I found so many beautiful items and am so impressed with their reasonable prices! I just wish I could walk in and say, "Why yes, I do love that gorgeous, re-finished, Pottery Barn-esk dresser. I'll take it!". Arrg! Obviously, I enjoyed myself:) I cant wait start decorating a new place!!

I'm feeling a bit lame because I simply must go to bed by 9:30 tonight:( Tomorrow is my first day working 6-3 and I want to be sure I wake up in time. It's kind of a bummer going to bed so early because there is no way Chris will be falling asleep with me! Ah, the joys of getting used to a new schedule:)

I'm off to savor the last 1 hour and 53 minutes of a relaxing Sunday with my hubby!

1 comment:

KPE said...

Ugh! I know what you mean on both accounts!

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