Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Favorites

Today is a bitter-sweet ending to the week. Mostly because it will be the last day I am working the routine 8-5 shift. That's right, starting on Monday, my time sheet will say I started at 6AM!!! It's crazy, but I am super excited! I already have my new afternoon workout schedule planned and I can't wait:) And I am almost giddy about making next weeks dinner menu, as I will actually be able to surprise my Love with what's on the dinner table! I will admit, it will be lonely driving to work by myself:( But it's okay, this morning I am getting treated to coffee!

Alright, it's time for my favorites of the week!

*Thunder Storms ~ The weather has taken a turn on the cooler side this week and even brought in a fantastic thunder storm! Chris and I are suckers for a good lightning show. This may be the biggest thing we miss about Texas! A short while after getting home Wednesday night the clouds started rolling in and lightning was visible from a distance. Chris, in all his excitement, said we were driving to our favorite park to watch the storm come in. It was beyond beautiful and, well, a little romantic;)

*Great Vintage Pieces ~ Lately, I am a fanatic for one-of-a-kind pieces! This week I stumbled upon some awesome blogs, notably The Tattered House. It's a store in Roseville that sells beautiful vintage and antique items. I plan on checking it out this Saturday. Honestly, I've been eying this gorgeous dresser I found on their website gallery:) Cant wait!!

*Taken ~ Last night we rented it and all I can say is, "Go to Red Box today!". I thought it had the perfect combination of action, emotional draw and a good ending:)

*Cookies with a Twist ~ one of my favorite go-to recipes is the Oat, Fruit and Nut Cookies from the Better Homes and Garden's Cookbook Pink Limited Edition. They are so delicious and hearty, but we actually just ran out of dried fruit, so I opted to make them with just sliced almonds and top them with a piece of Ghirardelli dark chocolate. The hint of sweet was just enough to make them the perfect after dinner treat!

*Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup ~ I am in love with this thing! See, I'm a devoted "bring my own mug" kind of gal, but when the weather turns warm and my drink switches to an iced unsweetened green tea I'm right back to the ole' plastic cups:( To my great joy, we walked in a few weeks ago and came across two Starbucks employees who were getting ready to put them out on display for the morning. Noticing our enthusiasm, the nice girls let us buy them early because they said the cups usually sell out within a few hours! Thank you nice SB employees!! We are now the envy of many (even some baristas who didn't snag one) when we bust out our cold cups:)

Have a lovely weekend!

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