Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girl With a Plan

As I was flipping through my Oxygen magazine a few days ago I read this, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail".

What a simple truth! I think it can be applied in so many areas of life. Whether it be an fitness routine, a budget, losing weight, staying organized etc. It's funny because I've been thinking a lot lately about being prepared and staying on top of things, especially when life get really busy. Without a plan I find that I get a bit lax and before I know it, my house is a mess, I'm lost at the gym and we end up having omelettes for dinner:/ Preparation is so simple if we would just take a few minutes away from the busyness and write down how we're going to accomplish everything. As a self-proclaimed "list girl" I love finding new ways to be organized. Here are some of my favorite finds.

For Food ~ I usually buy these adorable pads at Anthropologie, but I have seen them at other stores as well. The yellow pad is for your weekly menu and the red pad is for your grocery list (so you don't uneccerarily linger over the cookie isle!). I love these things!

For Budget ~ Chris and I use Mint.com for our monthly budget. There are many websites out there that do very similar things, but we happen to like the user-friendliness of Mint.

For Organization ~ It's true, I am not a child of technology and I would rather tote my cute planner around then make notes and appointments in an iphone:) The point is, writing things down is such a better way to keep track of a busy schedule than trying to remember every dentist appt, birthday party and game night you have planned! Did I mention how cute planners can be? This one is by Franklin Covey.

Now it's your turn. Got any great ideas for staying organized?
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