Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Glorious Day

Ahh, I feel so refreshed today! I feel asleep on the couch last night at 8! It was such a good and relaxing night though:) I made the black bean burgers I posted last week. They were actually pretty good! The recipe calls for a dash of hot sauce, which gives them a very nice kick. Just one recommendation: don't burn the buns like I did! I toasted them and wasn't paying attention and they got a little "crispy". Whoops! Chris is too sweet and said they were still good and he even cleaned up:)

I had the weirdest dream last night...I was pregnant! I woke up in a little bit of a panic and looked at my tummy. I was definitely relieved to see that it was still flat! Why do you suppose we have crazy dreams like that? Hmm...

Also, after talking with a few people and continuing to pray about my work situation, I am feeling at peace with everything. Sometimes I forget that God's timing is better than my own and that through circumstances, good and difficult, He is building character and preparing us for what's ahead:)

And lastly, I love waking up to music and Chris is always changing my wake up song to various artists I love. The last few weeks it has been David Crowder:) I wanted to post the lyrics to the song I woke up to today. It is one of my favorites:)

Glorious Day

I'm so bored of little gods
While standing on the edge of
something large
While standing here, so close to You
We could be consumed
What a glorious day

I give up, I lay down
Rest my face upon this ground
Lift my eyes to Your sky
Rid my heart of all I hide

So sweet this surrender

How great Your love for us
How great our love for You
That grace could cover us
How great Your love

How marvelous, how brilliantly
Luminous, You shine on me
And who can fail to give You awe
To fear You, God, so sovereign and strong

What a glorious day
What a wonderful day, today
What a glorious day
What a wonderful day, today
Glorious day

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Brad Hill said...

David Crowder is interesting. In some songs his voice sounds really good, and in others it's kind of weird and weak-sounding. I think he's at his best when part of a harmony with someone else. :)

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