Friday, June 12, 2009

Is This Really My 100th Post?!

Happy Friday!

I am unbelievably excited about sleeping in tomorrow!(you know until around 6:30)Don't get me wrong, this week was wonderful, but I will definitely enjoy not needing to set an alarm:)

I don't even think we have any big plans for the weekend, which is the first in a while! We will need the rest for our upcoming festivities! Our one year anniversary is next Sunday and we are planning an awesome weekend!!! I still can't believe it has already been a year. Woot!

And on a side note, I just realized that we share our anniversary with Father's Day this year. Totally a bummer considering we won't be in town to be with our Dad's:( The first day of summer also lands on Sunday. June 21st is a big one this year!

For date night tonight we are going to the movies! It's been a while since we've gone, but we have free tickets! We haven't quite come to a decision on what we're going to see. Any recommendations?

Ooh, I made the Pasta Primavera I talked about last week and it was so yummy!! Seriously, a MUST try! I made some of my own variations that I think made the flavors a bit more rich. I also made the grilled fruit with the caramelized orange sauce for dessert. It was fantastic! But then again, how can you go wrong?

For the pasta:
*I used whole wheat fettuccine
*I omitted the peas because, well, I don't like peas
*Instead of just tossing the tomatoes onto the pasta, I roasted them for a deeper flavor
*I added grilled chicken to make it a complete meal (and because I fed my hubby all vegetarian last week and he was craving the meat:)

Have a great weekend!


Brinn said...

You guys should see Up it was so good! We also saw The Hangover last night and it was pretty funny, but I definatly reccomend Up if you haven't seen it. It was super cute but you should really see it in 3d even though it's a little more expensive it's amazing. Miss you! Happy early anniversary:)

Brad Hill said...

Up = Overrated. Kind of sad.

The Hangover = Hilarious

I wanted to see Night At The Museum 2, but Laura didn't. I'd suggest The Hangover if it's between those two.

Chris said...

Brad our movie compatibility isn't very good, typically.

Kate said...

Brinn~ Thanks for the suggestions! I think Up is definitely on the list. It's so great to hear from you. I miss you too! I would love to see you when you get back from SD:) It's been forever.

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