Friday, June 19, 2009

Hives, Fire and Utter Chaos

Man am I glad it is Friday!

I didn't have the best day yesterday and I am incredibly happy to be starting a new one, despite being really tired!

Here's how it all went down: On Wednesday, after Summerfest, I noticed some strange red spots on my stomach. Didn't think too much about it because they didn't itch or hurt and they didn't look suspicious. Decided I'd see what they looked like in the morning and if anything changed I would go from there. And the next day I forgot about them.

That was until about 1:30 Thursday afternoon when I noticed more on my chest and my arms. And by now they were starting to itch. My main concern was that I have never had chicken pox, only the shot and that I would be around kids at Summerfest. I called my doctor, who scheduled me an appointment just to make sure it wasn't some sort of bad allergic reaction. A little bummed I had to cancel my dentist appointment, but nothing too inconvenient. So I get to the doctor exactly at my appointment time only to find out I was at the wrong office! What made me mad was that I clarified with the nurse on the phone and she still told me the wrong place. Anyway, knowing I would miss the appt. time, I called to cancel and just took some Benadryl as instructed. Once we got home I immediately fell asleep and made the decision to skip Summerfest in case I was contagious. Plus, I had a bad headache. Crisis averted, right? Wrong!

About two hours later I was abruptly woken up by Abby barking like crazy, loud noises outside my window and someone ringing the doorbell. I reluctantly stumbled out of bed to see who it was and heard some random lady say, "The fire department is at your car!". What?? I ran out there to see what the problem was and found out my car has a gas leak and had started a small fire on the pavement. (I'm guessing from the heat, but don't really know how that happened) So I had to immediately call and have my car towed to a repair shop, but I didn't know where Chris takes our cars! It figures I couldn't get a hold of ANYONE!! I was starting to get really stressed out. Thankfully, the USAA rep on the phone was so nice and patient with me as I was trying to collect all the neccesary information. After an hour of humiliation (did I mention there were about 10 neighbors standing around being nosy and giving me wierd looks?) I finally got my car safetly towed away.

I kept thinking, what would have happened if I wasn't home? It would have been towed to an impound place where we would have had to pay a pretty penny to get it out! The weird thing is, my hives are almost gone and there is still no explanation for them. Talk about everything happening for a reason!

I also found out that we have a really sweet couple of neighbors. After it was all said and done, a girl we've seen around, and who adores Abby, came to say she didn't mind helping us out if we needed anything and even offered to drive me in to work at 6am! How sweet is that? My Mom had already planned on coming to work early, but I still really appreciate the offer!

I don't know what I would do without Chris, who is taking care of my car this morning and helped calm me down. And thankfully, the fireman said the problem was minor and pretty inexpensive to get fixed. Praise the Lord for that!

Hopefully our anniversary weekend will go off without a hitch. It all starts tonight with Chris making me a surprise dinner! I can't wait:)

I love this picture because it's our wedding and it started to rain, yet our faces still say, "Nothing's gonna rain on our parade!". This is totally how I feel. No amount of car trouble is going to bring us down this weekend:)

I am so looking forward to getting off work today because my Mom and I are going for pedi's this afternoon:) Yay!

Hope your weekend is lovely and free of car troubles and strange rashes! =)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that all sounds pretty crazy.. I'm glad that things are ok and everything is going to work out. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend!!! Love Theresa

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