Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving In

How many households these days do NOT have some sort of DVR capabilities? I mean seriously, it has become as common as having a dishwasher! I find it interesting how quickly we become attached to conveniences such as DVR. I mean really, Chris and I didn't even have tv for the first 6 months we were married and now it's like we have a heart attack if something doesn't record. Okay, so it's not quite that extreme for us, but I've seen people be that obsessed!

While I have always prided myself on being the rebel with these sorts of things, I must admit that even I have come to love having all of my favorite Food Network shows saved for me when I actually have the time to watch them! For instance, yesterday afternoon I spent a good 2 hours skimming through episodes of Ask Aida (love her, btw!) and Giada at Home! It's quite nice to have those available to me since I'm never home when they're actually on!(and not to mention skipping the commercials!) That's right, no longer can I claim to be the rebel of modern day tv watching:)

On a side note, starting tomorrow, we will be helping with Summerfest. Summerfest is a vacation bible school put on by the church we grew up in every summmer. It's quite a crazy and fun 3 days! This year, Chris and I volunteered as co-leaders for a group of second graders:) I can't wait to co-lead with my husband!! It should be fun:) Summerfest is actually where Chris and I started dating 6 years age. More on that story later:)

Countdown...6 days until our first anniversary!

On this day last year Chris and I, along with our parents, were in San Fransisco getting ready to leave for get married!

Six days before we became Mr. and Mrs.!

Merry Monday!

PS~I am wearing my cutie headband today:)

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