Monday, June 1, 2009

On Sharing Meals

Can you believe it is already June?!? I am so excited!! I'm really looking forward to celebrating our one year with a hot air balloon ride in Napa! Let's just hope it doesn't get cancelled this time:)

Darrell's party was a blast! Many people showed up to taunt him about being 40, and of course to celebrate what a great guy he is! I'll post some of the MANY pics I took:)

Sunday was also a wonderful day. We may have a cramped apartment at the moment, but it is exceptionally clean and every stich of clothing is washed! I feel so accomplished.

So, I am realizing as I am about to tell you about our evening that we have been spending a lot of time with our families lately, but you have no idea how fabulous they are and how much fun we have with them. Chris and I are both only children (well, we both have much younger half-siblings that don't live nearby, although we love them very much!). But the point is, this is what we know and we just love hanging out with them!

Anyway, last night we went over to Jeannine and Darrell's for dinner and to spend time with Darrell's brother who flew in to surprise him for his birthday! We honestly had the most delectible dinner EVER!! First of all, we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful Sacramento breeze! This may be one of my favorite things about living in Sacramento. It can be a 100 degree day and you will still need a little sweater in the evening! Anyway, they fed us an awesome meal of tri tip cooked perfectly medium rare, grilled onions (like candy!), an amazing Mexican chop salad (I will post this recipe for sure!), warm sourdough bread and my favorite red wine, Rombauers Cab...I had two glasses:) Everything was amazing and the weather and company were fantastic!! I know I talk about food a lot, but there is something about a good home-cooked meal that just brings people together!

I'm not sure where it is coming from, but I am full of energy this morning. Crazy for a Monday! I hope you too are enjoying this spectacular day!

Darrell and Dave with the "Old man" hat!

Precious Flannery!

The Hills

darrell with his little guy:)

Some kids from the youth group. They love Darrell!

Sweet glasses;)

The Marrieds:)

And karaoke...when the party really got started! Chris also got a great video of the ladies singing You're So Vain:)

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