Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Down, Many to Go!!

Wow! I'm laughing at myself right now because it feels like I haven't posted in FOREVER, when really it has only been 5 days!

I planned on posting about our anniversary on Monday, but that was before I spent the last 2 1/2 days with a crazy headache! Boo! Anyway, I am feeling much better today and am ready to share:)

First of all, I would like to say that the weekend could not have been more fantastic...unless we had thought ahead and actually taken Monday off of work. What were we thinking? On Sunday we kept asking ourselves this very question. I guess we almost thought of everything:)

Anyway, we made it a two part trip doing the things we each love! Our trip began on Saturday morning in San Francisco. We both love the city and often make day trips there. The thing is, because we live here and don't think of ourselves as tourists, we usually don't get to do the "touristy" things. After telling Chris my desire to do some things we don't normally do, we decided to begin at Pier 39, where we began at Boudin's for some clam chowder. I mean how can you go to San Francisco and not have clam chowder? We spent most of the afternoon walking around Market street, Ghirardelli Square and of course shopping a little:)

We then went to check into our hotel, Abri. Can I just say how much I loved this place?! I only wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy it! Talk about a swanky place to stay:) I would definitely go back.

After happy hour at the hotel's Italian restaurant and bar, we headed to the Giant's game! Chris had really been looking forward to this! Of course we had to get to the ballpark 2 hours early to get the free knit cap they were giving away and to watch batting practice:) My friends, we don't just go for the game, we go for the whole production! We had a blast together and thankfully the Giant's pulled out the win after 11 innings!! Chris was so proud of me for being so into the game:)

But the fun didn't end there! At 3am the next morning I was up getting ready for our hot air balloon ride in Napa. Thankfully it is only an hour drive, but the meeting time was changed to 5:30 from 6:30, which we found out the day before! It was totally worth it though! It happened to be an incredibly clear and beautiful morning! Our amazing balloon ride was followed with a delicious champagne breakfast with our group, where the pilots served us:)

Being only 9am when we were finished with everything, we decided to make a day of being in Napa. After all, it is one of my all time favorite places! So we made a neccesary stop at Bouchon bakery. Remember my birthday? It is simply too scrumptious to pass up! While we enjoyed our coffee and treat, we saw there was an old car show being held across the street. So we went and looked at old cars!

At this point we were starting to feel the lack of sleep hit us. We already knew we wanted to go to Chandon for some champagne but it wasn't open yet, so we parked in a shady spot and took a little nap:)

Because we are members of the club at Chandon, we get a free glass of champagne whenever we go there. So we got our favorites and sat outside to enjoy the amazing weather and each other's company! We reminisced about the last year and the many laughs, hardships and wonderful memories we have shared! We actually sat there and talked so long, the server brought us another glass:)

Chris also took me to Mumm's for a wine tasting since I had never been there. They do a lot of their tastings on the patio where you can enjoy the amazing scenery!

I must say how incredibly lucky I feel to be married to such a loving, handsome and caring man! I love spending time with him and couldn't ask for more enjoyable company!! This last year has been the best yet and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us the next 70 or so;)

Leaving for San Francisco!

Enjoying ice cream at Ghirardelli Square

The awesome lobby at hotel Abri!

AT&T Park!

My husband of a year!!

Getting the neccesary caffeine boost to make it through the night!

Notice our free knit caps:)

Leaving for our hot air balloon ride!

Isn't Napa gorgeous?!


Chris likes this one! My Dad used to have a 23 Model-T:)

At Chandon!

My favorite place!

The gorgeous view at Mumm's

What a lovely anniversary weekend!


Missy said...

WOW! Great pics! :) Happy Anniversary!!

Kate said...

Thanks! We had so much fun!!

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