Thursday, July 2, 2009

All In Good Health

Good morning! Guess what? I'm off work tomorrow! Wait, have I already told you that;)

I am in a great mood this morning, but you know what could have made my mood even better? Being able to exercise this morning. According to a study I found on ACSM's website (originally written in USA Today), the good feeling you experience after moderate to heavy exercise can last up to 12 hours post-workout. How great is that? This is a very big reason it is so productive to get a workout in at the beginning of the day;the better you feel after exercising, the more motivated you will be to make it a habit. Obviously any time of the day is good to exercise and some of us aren't able to fit it in the morning, but if possible I definitely recommend it! Some of my favorite workouts are done on Saturday mornings, when the good feeling seems to last all day! So get out there and put yourself in a good mood:)

I thought this was really cute and appropriate:)

And after you've completed your exercise, make sure to nourish yourself! And why not do that with a deicious piece of healthy banana bread, lightly toasted with some natural peanut butter?

I had every intention of making this new banana bread recipe I found, but I got a little wrapped up in painting last night:) I'm still going to give you the recipe because it just sounds like such a great, healthy version of the classic. I will try to make it this weekend and let you know how it turns out!

So here it is: Light-n-Luscious Banana Bread

Wishing you good health always!

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