Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And the Husband of the Year Goes to...

I had a very interesting morning indeed! As I told you the other day, I have had a lot of trouble getting to bed at a decent time, but this week I have made a special effort to get at least 6 1/2 hours of sleep. Good job Me:) Wouldn't you know something would throw me off?

I have always been a vivid dreamer. I almost always remember my dreams, however, whatever was playing out in my head this morning must have been intense because it made me pop out of bed. Assuming it was my alarm that woke me up, I turned on the shower and started brushing my teeth, only to realize it was only 2:30! Ha! So I laughed it off and gratefully snuggled up with my husband for another hour and a half...

The next time I woke up I felt pleasantly rested and, again, turned on the shower. This time I noticed that the clock read 5:15. Uh oh, I am usually walking out the door at that time!! A little stunned I froze and started frantically saying to Chris, "It's 5:15, I'm so late! How did I sleep in?".

This is where his heroic actions come in. At least they were heroic to me:)

Understand that Chris is the heaviest sleeper EVER and it can be near impossible to wake him up. So you can see how it surprised me when he jumped out of bed and immediately said, "How can I help you?". He made me coffee (this is usually done the night before, but I was to tired last night)and toast, put my lunch together and kept me calm as I managed to make myself look decent!

Thankfully I leave at 5:15 as a bumper, in case I need to stop for gas or coffee and basically to get settled before 6. So leaving at 5:30 got me to work with 3 minutes to spare:)

As if he wasn't helpful enough already, he brought me oatmeal and a skinny latte when he came into work, which just totally made my morning! I just love him and his ability to keep me calm and grounded. He get's husband points for this one!

What a stud!

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Brad Hill said...

Attaboy. That's like a Married Guy Get Out Of Jail Free Card. LOL

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