Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Must Read...Seriously!

The very first friend I made in college is one of few I know will always be in my life. Lael lived in the room next to me our freshman year and instantly we formed a bond over our scepticism of our new temporary home, Texas. She too was from the West Coast so she understood and completely felt my pain of "Texas food" and the lack of trees and picturesque scenery. We knew we had been spoiled from living in such beautiful places, her Washington and I California, but together we learned how to appreciate the unique beauty that Abilene possesed.

Over the years, we have lived close, far, very far, spent a semester in Oxford, many mornings working out together, just as many hours cooking up new and favorite creations, too many coffees to remember, she witnessed Chris and I getting married as a lovely bridesmaid and countless things in between.

I was recently catching up on her blog, One Hungry Soul, and I came across this post. You seriously MUST read it! I am always amazed at the way her words just flow. She truly is a fantastic writer!

My friend, you are a lovely woman of so many gifts! Thank you for always being so quick to listen and offer a word of encouragement:)

Here's to friends!

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