Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Nice LONG Weekend!

I just love when the weekend seems to keep going and going! I ended up getting off work at noon on Thursday! What a nice boss I have:) And I was off Friday!!

The last 2 1/2 days have been filled with cleaning and organizing every room, closet and crevice, painting, shopping for stuff for the apartment, fun with the family, great food (you know how I love great food!), making money from Craig's list (we finally sold our dining room table!), and of course, fireworks! I am so pleased with how the apartment is coming along! More to come on that tomorrow:)

Here's a peak into our weekend so far! Hope you had a lovely 4th!!

We're off to Ikea...again:)


Brad Hill said...

Are you guys just going table-less for now then?

Chris said...

No. Chris is refinishing the round one we bought a while back. I love my handyman!!

Missy said...

I thought of your redecorating effort when I saw this article!

Kate said...

Missy, you are so sweet! What a good article and so true! I totally agree that small changes in a room can change your prespective and refresh your mood:) Thanks!

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