Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post-Wisdom Teeth and Beginning to Recover

So, for a little update:

My surgery pretty much went as everyone said it would. We got there and I was a bit loopy from the Valium, which meant I had absolutely no worries about what was about to happen. They took me to the room and the Dr. asked me what movies I was planning to watch while I rested this weekend and I gleefully told him, "Chick flicks of course!". He asked me to squeeze my fist a few times while he put the IV in and the next thing I knew I was stumbling to the car with the help of my husband and two nurses. Oh the amazing science of an anesthetic!

Chris has absolutely been the best caretaker! No surprise there!! The night before my surgery, we went to the store to stock up on some suitable foods, but of course there were things we forgot and he had no problem running out a few times to get my Rx and Starbucks Java Chip ice cream (my favorite and a total surprise)! And as I told the Dr., I most definitely satisfied my inner girly girl by indulging in a few chick flicks:)

Sadly, I still have not had any coffee:( I could probably manage it today, but I hardly feel it would be worth it since the way I have to drink causes me to barely enjoy the flavor of anything and that would just be irritating. Oh well, maybe tomorrow! At least I am still able to enjoy my oatmeal and scrambled egg whites!

My worst symptom thus far is definitely the famed "chipmunk cheeks" I woke up with this morning! And to go along with this attractive look, I also have a red face. I fear I could be mistaken for a 4 year old who has applied way too much of her Mom's blush:)

I see a bit of a resemblance!

Chipmunk ~

Me (in case there was any confusion!) ~

Have a happy weekend!!

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Christie said...

You're so cute, my little chipmonk! (and secretly I envy you, because you had to courage to do it! I still have all four...and I'm too chicken to have them out.)

Bwak bwak bwak...

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