Friday, July 24, 2009

Pre-Wisdom Teeth...and Happy Birthday!

I am feeling unexpectedly good this morning! Especially considering that my surgery is TODAY! I was nervous all day yesterday, but Chris helped take my mind off of it:) Last night we had Pita Pit for dinner and then had a long, hard workout, which helped calm my nerves! My intention was to stay up as late as I could so I would sleep pretty late this morning, but the best I could do was 6:15! I guess that's what happens when your body is used to being up at 4am!

The biggest worry on my mind now is getting hungry because my appointment is at 11:30 and I was instructed not to eat or drink anything all morning!! This is gonna be a toughie since I basically wake up hungry AND I am desperate for a cup of coffee right about now! I'll let you know how that goes:)

I also want to wish my Mom a happy birthday today!!!

Mom, you really are one of a kind! Thanks for always being a word of reason and my constant encouragement! I hope that when I have kids of my own, I can show them as much patience, kindness and unconditional love as you've always shown me! I love you most! Have fun in Milwaukee:)

Can't wait to celebrate when you get back!

A blast from the past:)

At Christmas!

Birthday shopping:)

Have a great weekend!

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