Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Savor the Moments

I am sometimes taken by surprise when the everyday things in life give me more pleasure than I realize. Tonight, I am in the company of my husband and our pup and I couldn't ask for more to make me happy! As if I'm not feeling good with that, the house is also clean, laundry is done, our tummies are full of yummy pasta, the coffee is set for tomorrow and our lunches are made, which makes it easy to relax! While I am on the computer, Chris is watching something related to sports and I feel perfectly content with our life:) Blissful really!

I have come to realize that savoring the moments with people you love is priceless. I found out this morning that my 93 year old great grandpa fell and broke his hip. He is probably the sweetest man you will ever meet! I am praying for his quick recovery, but the fact remains that he has lived a very full and wonderful life, which I find very comforting:)

Don't let the stresses of everyday life distract you from the good stuff:)

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