Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whoa Momma!

Today may have been the busiest day I've had at work! I think it became very clear to all of us that peak may be here a few weeks earlier than expected! It actually is a very good thing as my day flew by at lightning speed:)

Thankfully I will have a few days to recover from it before I plunge into our busiest season of the year, as I am off this Friday and Monday, as well as next Friday! My reason for this four-day weekend is Rebecca's visit and next weekend I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. But rest assured, I probably won't be having another day off until at least September or October! Hey, I'll be logging some good overtime:)

I am SO looking forward to the next several days of rest, getting my hair done, a pedicure, fun with Rebecca, HARRY POTTER!, margaritas and laying by the pool!! Thank you long weekends:)

Oh, I almost forgot, I came home to a very pleasant surprise today; my Studio Mela picture came in the mail! I've been anxiously checking the mail box every day the past 9 days and it finally arrived!

I absolutely love this picture! In case you can't read it, the cloud above the house says, "Where happy lives". Check out her stuff on Etsy!

Hope your day was wonderful!

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