Thursday, August 6, 2009

All In Good Health

For today's AIGH post I've got some fantastic options for those times you are on the run and need a go-to meal in a hurry! You know those days, you forget to pack enough snacks or you are traveling and don't want to stop at the dreaded Mcd's:( Well, keep these ideas in your back pocket and save 'em for a rainy day, although, they are so good you may find yourself eating them even when you aren't in a pinch:)

Perfect Pairing from Starbucks~

No suprise that this first option would come from SB'S:) For only $3.95 you can get their perfect oatmeal and a tall latte! This is actually my go-to in a pinch! Just a few things I would recommend to make this as healthy as possible:) The oatmeal comes with a pack of nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar. The nuts and fruit are 100 calories each and the sugar is 50, so I would suggest either using the nuts OR the dried fruit or half of each, and if possible, skip the brown sugar...unless you must;) As far as the latte, go for a non-fat with a sprinkle of cinnamon...mmm! A non-fat option comes in at only 90 calories:)

Grand total:

Non-fat latte = 90
Oatmeal = 150
1/2 pack nuts = 50
1/2 pack dried fruit = 50

Which brings us to a total of 340 calories:) And an added bonus, you get a great balance of complex carbs, protein and fat! Bring on the feel-good energy!

Jamba Juice new menu items ~

It's true, Jamba has recently come out with 18 new food items! I have actually only tried the wraps and they have been quite tasty! The Chimichurri wrap was filling enough to safisfy Chris and myself, alongside a sixteen ounce Bright-eyed and Blueberry smoothie! The wraps are aroud 400 calories each, so we opted to split one since we had a smoothie as well. Each wrap comes with a dressing, which of course adds some extra calories, fyi. Jamba now also has a great variety of smoothies that have no added sugar for the dietary conscious! With my smoothie of choice and half the Chimichurri wrap, my lunch totaled 410 calories.

It just goes to show you that even when you aren't prepared with healthy snacks or meals, there are still good options out there:)

Wishing you good health always!

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