Thursday, August 20, 2009

All in Good Health

As I was telling Chris about this post, with much enthusiasm I might add, he seemed puzzled at how baking had anything to do with health. And just as I shared with him, I shall pass on this new fabulous find to you!

It is no secret I love two seemingly contradictory things; health/fitness and desserts! No matter how hard I've tried to will myself to find a deliciously moist piece of banana bread unappetizing, I just can't do it. It goes as far back to being a little kid when my parents would put me to bed and then I'd hear my dad open a box of Ho ho's. I would then convincingly call, "Daaaad, are you eating something?". And reluctantly, one of my parents would come to my room and agree to let me get up for another 10 minutes and have a few sweet bites. While I like to believe that my taste buds are a bit more refined as an adult, I am still that little girl calling out when I smell a freshly baked pastry:) Of course, now that I have a strong understanding and conviction about eating mostly good, nutritionally dense food, I find myself with a dilemma between my head and my inherited sweet spot for treats.

Over the past few years it has occured to me that instead of trying to dispell desserts from my diet all together (and believe me, I've tried!), it may be better to seek out more healthy options. To my great success, I have accumulated many tasty and crowd pleasing alternatives to traditional recipes, such as my PB&J cookies:) Of course, before I approve a recipe, it is a must that taste is not compromised. Because afterall, if it doesn't taste good, why waste the calories?! Plus, it wouldn't make my husband too happy!

So this brings me to my recent find that has just got me in a great mood. It is a little thing known to many New Yorkers as Babycakes, a bakery where responsible baking takes place:) By that I mean that this bakery stands by a promise to prepare their cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other delightful treats with whole, natural, vegan and mostly gluten free ingredients! Their products are sweetened only with natural sweetners such as agave nectar and evaporated cane juice. Ahh, love! And the best part is, if you are not fortunate enough to live in NYC and enjoy these little treats, you can buy the cookbook and make them yourself!

This book has got me so excited! It makes my day that somebody else believes desserts don't have to be saturated with refined sweetners, white flours and unhealthy fats. For now I will be perfectly content with making my own Babycakes creations, but one day I will visit this brilliant little bakery:)Check out their blog to the right! Oh, I read last week they just started making doughnuts!!

I'll make sure to post some recipes and pictures I make from the book in the next week:)

Remember, moderation is the key;)

Wishing you good health always!

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