Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorites of the Week

Friday is finally here and I am happy as can be! The fact that it is Friday may just be my favotite thing about this week:) But, here are some others:

* I have found a guilty pleasure that I am a bit hesitant to share. It's one of those things I never ever thought I would do, but alas, I have become a fan of a certain reality tv show...

While flipping through some channels last week, I came across Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and watched a bit of an episode, only to realize it is kinda cute. So I set it to record and have now seen most of this past season. Wow, I'm shameless:)

* Power naps. Chris had a short lunch yesterday, so after I dropped him off I still had abut 25 minutes left of mine. What did I do with my time? I parked in a shaddy spot at my office, put the windows down a bit, layed my seat back and took a little nap! Talk about refreshing!! It doesn't hurt that the weather this week has been unusually tame. Yesterday's high was 78, which was a nice change of pace:)

* Remember the almond croissants I told you about? Naturally, Lael took some photos of the delicious treats and I've been wanting to see the pictures. I knew my friend was talented! Here's a link to her flickr page, see for yourself:) The croissant pics are on the bottom of the first page. Notice the cute, green picnic table we're sitting at!

* And finally, this particular favorite hasn't happened yet, but we are going to see Julie and Julia tonight. I guess I'm counting on it being a winner:) Let's be real though, I just love going to the movies since it has become a rare treat!

Have a great weekend!

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