Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspiration of the Month!

Okay, so I say inspiration of the month, but I actually think I will stay excited about this for a long time to come! I have known about Lululemon for a while now, but because we don't have one close, I've never actually shopped there, besides online. That is until very soon, since we have one coming to the Galleria in a few short months!!

I truly am inspired by the company as a whole! Their mission, the culture and values each employee seems to embrace and most of all, the fact that they really seem to inspire others to the very lifestyle I aspire to engulf every single day! (I've been doing some research!)

It's true, I love fitness and everything that seems to go along with it: the training, the pain, the reward when you accomplish something you've been training for and, well, the clothes:) I think it's safe to say that Lululemon will quickly become a favorite place to furnish my workout wardrobe!

This is their manifesto. Tell me that doesn't inspire you!

And how cute is this gym bag?!

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Missy said...

that gym bag IS adorable!

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