Monday, August 24, 2009

My Inner Nerd and a Quick Recap

Hi all! Merry Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling completely rejuvenated for this upcoming week:)

For a little recap on the events I attended this weekend~

Mid Life the "Crisis" musical: Absolutely hilarious! Although I should tell you I was by far the youngest person there, and the show was my idea! It was held at a really small theatre and had a very local feel to it, but all in all, well worth my Friday night!

State Fair: What can I say? The fair always seems to meet my expectations and this year was definitely no exception! I don't know what it is: the food, the exhibits, the cute little animals, the new products for sale in the expo, the general merriment and crowds of people enjoying themself? It's probably a combination of it all for me. And this year, opening weekend had gorgeous weather! Some would still call it hot, but the low 90's is pretty good for mid-August and considering we have been in the 100's lately!

So I got some new workout clothes this weekend! Nothing too exciting, just some running shorts, yoga pants and some new socks, but it's amazing how just a few new pieces can invigorate you to get your bum in gear! Chris and I worked out both Saturday and Sunday. I love getting it in on the weekends because you feel ahead of the game come Monday! It satisfies my inner over-acheiver:)

And probably the most exciting news I've got today is that my ACSM study materials came this weekend! I know I'm gonna let my inner nerd come out here, but I don't care! I am ridiculously excited to start studying!! It feels like I'm starting school again. And depending on how you view that, you're either jealous or you think I'm completely crazy:) You see, the beginning of a new school year was always very exciting to me. Peeking through my new books before my first class and embarking on an adventure of learning new things, especially when I got to college and was learning things I was particularly interested in! Although the information isn't new to me, studying for this new certification means I am taking a step forward for my career! That gets a double yay! I have even set up a study schedule to keep myself on track. And I'm going to tell you all now so I can have some accountability, I am planning on taking the test the week of October 12th. And now that you know, I have no excuse for slacking!

Some pics from the fair:

As soon as we got to the fair, Me and Mom bought these hats! Cute and practical:)

My husband or a beaver?

Getting ready to watch Splash Dogs! Abby totally could have been in this show!

A baby calf only a day old:)

And newborn pigglets! Why are they so stinkin' cute?!

Awesome dress made out of animal feed sacks. Crazy!

And of course Arnold made out of Jelly Belly's...naturally!

Oh the crazy things we see! This is a replica of San Fransisco made out of hundreds of thousands of toothpicks!! Who does that?!

Have a wonderful day!

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