Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A little blurb on the small things that have made me smile this week!

~ After cleaning out our closet a few months back, I realized it was time for some new shoes. Comfy flats to be exact. So, I have begun my collection:) In addition to the purple ones I showed you last week, I've also bought these!

~My husband would plea that I have way too many purses and bags. But most girls would agree that you typically have one that you are particularly fond of and use the most. For the last year and a half, Charlotte has been that bag for me. I should mention that "Charlotte " is what I named this particular Coach purse (a habit I got from my friend Rebecca!). Anyway, I've been searching for an alternate because it has been getting so much use and I don't want to wear it out! Alas, after my long search, I finally found a purse I was willing to substitute for Charlotte:) Let me make myself clear, she is not being "replaced", just being alternated so I have her for a long time:)

I've already grown attached to my cute new bag!

~ Finally, as I got home today I was walking past our balcony and noticed how big our "honeymoon tree" has gotten! This time last year it had about 6 big leaves, but when the weather turned cold we lost them. I was a little worried it wouldn't come back, but this summer has done wonders for our little plumeria tree!

This was our tree last summer...

And a year later...

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