Monday, August 17, 2009

Sugar 'n Spice and Everything Nice

You know how they say little girls are like sugar and spice and everything nice? I fully believe that! I have my fingers crossed that when we start having kids, we have at least one girl! I'd like to say that I think boys are equally precious, but just listen to what I witnessed last week...

Last Tuesday, I was at a stoplight and noticed a very sweet little picture. It was a father/daughter scenario that absolutely melted my heart! The girl looked about 6 or 7 years old and by the way she was dressed, looked like she had just come from cheerleading practice. I came to this conclusion because they seemed to be coming from the park about a block away. So they were waiting for the crosswalk light and picture this...the dad was wearing his daughter's little backpack, holding the cooler and they were both on those razor scooters, hers was silver and his was PINK!! Hello! How cute is it when Dad's just have no shame?! The sweetest thing is, I could totally picture my husband on that pink scooter, cruising along with our daughter:)

And then on Saturday I was hanging out with my Mom doing the usual gym, coffee and mani/pedi. As we were in the nail place, in walks a cute Mom and her adorable 3 year old daughter. The little girl instantly started chatting with the owner's 5 year old granddaughter about who was bigger:) Then the mom put her daughter in a pedicure chair and she began talking the lady's ear off about what color she wanted her toes and showing her the bag of toys that she had brought along. Of course, you could only make out every third word she was saying:) Oh, my heart jumped at the thought that one day I could take my little one to get her toes painted with mom! Some things never change, because it was like watching me and my Mom 20 years ago:)

Merry Monday!

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