Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahoe and a Little Time

Merry Monday! I hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous!

As I told you last week, my Aunt is in town and I've been pretty occupied with my family the past several days. Therefore, I think I'm going to take a little break from blogging. Just for the week, I am just growing overwhelmed with the many priorities and responsibilities on my plate at the moment! Work is absolutely horrendous now that it's peak, family in town, appointments this week, preparing to take my next personal training certification, getting in the groove of training again, and of course the good ole' everyday stuff! You know, sometimes life just happens that way:) Stay tuned though, I'll be back next week! Thanks for keeping up with us!

I'll leave you with these two things:

Julie and Julia was FANTASTIC!!! I know I can be dramatic about a lot of things, but this truly was an incredible movie! Bon Appetit!!

On Saturday we went to Lake Tahoe with my Mom and Aunt and had a great time! We packed a yummy brunch and drove to a beach, where we enjoyed our picnic! The entire day was amazing and accompanied by perfectly warm weather! We ended up stopping at the lookout point where Chris proposed to me 2 1/2 years ago:)

And in true Kate fashion, I will leave you with some pictures:)

Lovely picnic brunch on the beach:)

The spot Chris asked me to be his wife!! (1/8/07)

Yay for the best decision of our lives:)

Recreating the picture we took when we got engaged:)

Have a great week and talk to ya soon:)


Missy said...

super cute pics!!! love them!

Kate said...

Aww! Thanks!

BTW, I LOVE your new beach cruiser! Adorable:)

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