Friday, September 18, 2009

Antique Market and Such

You may have noticed lately that I am all about the crafty things in life. It's always been something I've loved, but lately I have been acting on it and find myself constantly inspired and encouraged by people when I tell them of my ambitions. I just really love pretty things, whether that be beautiful food, crafts, accessories, home decor etc. But isn't there just something so splendid about having to handmake or put your own effort into something to make it unique and completely your own? To me that's half the fun!

And on that note, I learned to knit this week! My Mom and I took a class Monday night and now I'm hooked! Because I don't want to forget, I've been knitting at lunch every day this week:)

And for the highlight of this weekend, The Tattered House is hosting their second Antique Market on Sunday! I discovered this lovely store just after they held their first ever Antique Market in April and have been looking forward to the second one since! They are set to host over 50 vendors, offering antiques, vintage inspired decor and jewelry and handmde goods galore! I can't wait!

And here are some more pics of the new do! I had to take them myself because my darling husband wasn't home.

Very excited about working out with short hair :)

Happy Friday!

ps ~ Fall is officially 4 days away!!

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Missy said...

I taught myself how to knit last year! I am thinking of picking it up again...with all the moving and stuff I haven't had time! It's fun. My grandma and my mom are really into it too.

I love the hair! :)

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