Monday, September 21, 2009

I Just Have to Say it

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. You know, the thing most of us feel but don't like to say for fear of sounding negative. But we're all friends here, right? Here goes...I really don't like Mondays! No really, they are like dentist appointments, inevitable and neccessary, but totally miserable until they are over. They are especially unpleasant after a good weekend. It's like they just can't help themselves by raining on the parade of rest and relaxation. Every week, there they are just waiting to make you grumpy.

Okay, it's out of my system! I hope your weekend was glorious and filled with yummy breakfasts, fun outings, flea markets and football! Don't tell me it was just me that did all of those lovely things!

I know you have just been dying to know all about the Antique Market on Sunday ;) In true Joan and Kate fashion, the very first vender my Mom and I came to, we found a piece of furniture we just had to have! Thankfully our car was close! Both of our eyes were drawn to this oh-so-chic, turquoise side table with scalloped edges just sitting there with a little price tag of $32! Seriously, we both did that fast, "hope I'm not being too obvious, that table is mine and nobody else better touch it" walk. When we asked the lady if the price tag was right she responded with a light laugh and, "Yeah, I'm wholesale.". I think we both felt like we had struck gold:) Anyway, my Mom ended up keeping it since it is exactly what she's been looking for in her living room! I can't wait to see how well it goes in her already lovely house! Among the rest of our time there we came across some other fun tchotchke stuff. I bought a super cute vintage apron, but nothing was quite as successful as that table. It was definitely our prize find of the day!

I was thinking, you generally only hear my side of things. And we all know Chris had nothing to do with the antique market, so here's a glimpse of what the other Hansen's in our household did this weekend...

You got it, football :) And yes, Abby is wearing her very own Raiders jersey...sick, but you gotta admit, they are two very cute Raider fans!

And just a pic of us on our date last Friday:)

Have a very Merry Monday! And remember what tomorrow is...the first official day of Fall!! I am fully equipped, with my house decorated for the season, pumpkin pie ingredients all ready for tomorrow and of course, I bought my favorite pumpkin spice candle yesterday!

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Missy said...

I agree, Mondays are a total bummer.

That is so nice that you guys get to go antiquing together! Fun!

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